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Vol. 23 (2007 Winter)

Black Women Teacher Educators: Creating Enduring Afriographies as Leaders and Change Makers

June 21, 2017


Within the womanist tradition, Black women have fought against multiple oppressions through the construction of enduring afriographies , as leaders and change-makers, and as scholars committed to research and service in and for communities of color (Henry, 1998; Hill, 2002; Ladson-Billings, 1996). This study investigated the perspectives, experiences, and practices of three Black women teacher educators using womanist theory and portraiture methodology. In interviewing and shadowing participants, and reviewing documents related to their teaching practices, two questions were posed: a) In what ways are their teaching practices informed by their experiences?; and, How does the theme of "race uplift" help to shape their work within the academy? This paper explores findings from the latter question and considers participants' power to lead and effect change in their academic roles and in their creation of enduring afriographies.