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Vol. 35 (2015)

Increasing the Proportion of Female Superintendents in the 21st Century

  • Teresa Wallace
June 16, 2017


With the proportion of females in the superintendency being 23% in 2012, and increasing by only 0.7% annually, it will take nearly 80 years for females to be proportionately represented in public schools. This study sample consisted of 63 female superintendents, representing 51% of the overall population of female superintendents in the 6 southeastern states where the study took place. The 6 states were chosen because each has approximately the national average of female superintendents. Female superintendents in the six southeastern states were asked what advice they would give to aspiring female superintendents and to recommend strategies for increasing the proportion of females in the superintendency. Participants offered valuable advice to aspiring female superintendents on how to navigate the system and be successful. They recommended practical strategies for attracting female candidates and increasing the proportion of females in the superintendency.