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Essay Contest Winner

Vol. 3, No. 1 = No. 6 (2000 Winter)

1998 Essay Contest "Women of Courage," : Sponsored by Research on Women and Education SIG, American Educational Research Association

June 21, 2017


From the beginning, women have lived narrowly defined and restricted lives in roles submissive to male dominance, and outlined with barriers and guidelines that limit freedom to express and live openly. It takes special women to bring it upon themselves to break these barriers for the good of all women, sacrificing themselves so the future generations of women that follow can live in a world where they are not forced to believe in male superiority. It takes a special woman to create enough impact to serve as a role model for women of the future. There have been several such women in history who have fought for what is right and what they are passionate about, and who have risen up, despite the rest of the world pushing them down. The lives of Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony were dedicated to the truth and belief in equal rights for all races and genders. These legacies prove that they were women of vision, women of strength, and women of courage.