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Vol. 3, No. 2 = No. 7 (2000 Summer)

"Turning Anger into Knowledge": Exploring Anger and Advocacy With Women Educators

  • Judith Dorney
June 21, 2017


In exploring the connections among gender, schooling, and knowledge, this paper draws upon bodies of work which have been examined many times. However, the purpose of this essay is to frame a new question and begin to consider the relationships between and the effects of the silencing or expression of anger in women and their work as educators. The roots of this inquiry are located in my girlhood as I witnessed the various women in my life and their relationships with anger. But the questions framed here emerge from two particular action research projects, the "Women Teaching Girls Project" and the "Exploring Gender and Knowledge Project." Each consisted of a series of retreats designed to enable educators to identify and reflect on how their gender socialization and gendered knowledge informed their educational practice. In the first of these projects, consisting only of women, the discussion of anger was prominent. While this particular project was completed several years ago, I have returned to the data from this work, as well as theoretical work on gender and anger, in order to consider the value of anger in the educational work of women.