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Vol. 29 (2009)

Educational Leadership: Where are the Women?

  • Dr. Derry Stufft
  • Kelly Coyne
June 21, 2017


Throughout time, stereotypes regarding women and men have permeated society, creating many obstacles for women, especially in the professional world. Where words like nurturing, compassionate, emotional, expressive, communal, passive, uncertain, subjective and supportive have historically been used to describe women; words like intelligent, powerful, competent, objective, independent, methodical and driven have typically been reserved to describe men (Porat, 1991). These adjectives have long supported the social perception that men are superior and women are inferior. Obviously times are changing. Women are emerging as powerful leaders in business and government and are disproving many long-standing skewed perceptions of females. Despite these advances, however, certain labels for women continue to impede their efforts to be strong leaders in other areas.