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Vol. 29 (2009)

Effective Mentoring Relationships with Women in Sport: Results of a Meta-Ethnography

  • Dr. Glenna G. Bower
June 21, 2017


Women continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions within sport. One of the most critical aspects of advancing women in leadership positions within sport is the mentoring relationship. As the number of women entering sport increases, a growing number of professionals recognize the inherent benefits and challenges between the mentor and the protégé. This study was designed to identify themes based on key elements of an effective mentoring relationship helping women to advance within leadership positions in sport. A qualitative methodology, meta-ethnography, allowed the researcher to synthesize 15 qualitative studies about mentoring women within sport. These 15 studies were selected by using both content and methodological screening. Each study was read, coded, and analyzed for themes based on the key elements of an effective mentoring relationship. The findings of the study revealed 10 themes and seven implications for female protégés, potential mentors, and organizations to consider when mentoring women within sport.