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Vol. 29 (2009)

Gender Differences in Placement, Support, and Participation in Early School Programs for Urban Hispanic Students in Advanced Placement

  • Dr. Raul Hinojosa
  • Dr. Rebecca A. Robles-Piña
  • Dr. Stacey Edmonson
June 21, 2017


This study investigated differences between males and females of 352 urban, predominately U.S.-born Hispanic students enrolled in advanced placement (AP) courses. The gender composition was 131 (37.2%) male and 221 (68.2%) female and the majority of students was enrolled in 11th and 12th grades. Our findings indicated that (a) more females than males were enrolled in AP courses, (b) females perceived school support as more important than males, and (c) participation in elementary and middle school programs, such as gifted and talented programs and magnet schools were important for participation in high school AP courses. Implications for school policy are noted.