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Vol. 42 (2023): Advancing Women in Leadership Journal

Women in Sport Leadership: Fifty Years Since Title IX

  • Candace Brawner
October 20, 2020


Women in athletic administration in secondary public schools in Texas remain a significant minority to their male counterparts despite nearly fifty years since the passage of Title IX. This qualitative research study used narrative inquiry to investigate the factors leading to success among female athletic administrators in secondary education Creswell’s (2013) method for coding information and identifying themes. The study results are organized by the four research questions.  The findings include the importance and value of professional organizations for the personal development and networking opportunities for women. Work-life balance was noted among all the participants and the executive directors of the professional organizations as the largest factor for women leaving the industry. Desirable feminine traits, experience and connections, and influential male mentors and advocates were cited by the research participants as key factors to their personal advancement. Recommendations for practical application include partnerships between professional organizations and school districts to review key concerns as they relate to the recruit and advancement of women in athletic administration. This study provides suggestions for advancing women in athletic administration in Texas school districts including: removal of barriers, opportunity for training, district environment of readiness, professional organization support, and prioritization of work-life balance and family needs.