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Vol. 42 (2023): Advancing Women in Leadership Journal

Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Leadership Capacity: Mentoring, Networking, Training

July 12, 2022


To overcome barriers to leadership opportunities that exist for women and promote gender equality in the workforce, it is essential for organizations to provide leadership development programs specifically targeted towards women.  The purposes of this research were to: (a) examine the ways participants were able to apply their knowledge and skills after participating in a leadership training program and, (b) explore the non-organizational experiences and benefits participants realized after participating in a leadership development program.  All participants in this study were females.  Key findings from this study indicated that as a result of participating in the Leadership Academy leadership training program, most participants expressed high levels of self-confidence regarding leadership positions as well as knowing their individual strengths.  Results of the qualitative findings suggested four emerging and descriptive themes that demonstrate perceived benefits: confidence builder, network facilitator, opportunity booster, and paying it forward. This study adds to existing literature suggesting that formal women-focused leadership training programs can facilitate gender equality in the workforce.