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Volume 30

Published June 2, 2017

Issue description

Singing for Leadership: Fostering the Development of Female Leaders Through Voice By Kay Kleinerman

The Leadership Discourse Amongst Female Police Leaders in Sweden By Malin Österlind & Ulrika Haake

African American Women in Student Affairs: Best Practices for Winning the Game By Wilma Henry

Authentic Leadership: As Exemplified by Kamla Persad Bissessar- Implications for Current and Potential Leaders By Charmine Bissessar

Female Faculty Members at Texas Community Colleges: Any Changes Since 2000? By Anthony Harris & John Slate

Mentor and Mother Hen: Just What I Needed as a First Year Professor By Linda Searby & Loucrecia Collins

Academic Reality “Show”: Presented by Women Faculty of Color By Gaye Luna, Catherine Medina, & Sharon Gorman

Gender Typing in Management: Evaluation of Managerial Subroles for Sport By Laura Burton & Heidi Parker

Nigerian Women Leaders: Journeying Toward Organizational Rebirth Through Midwifery By Catherine E. Hackney

Hillary Clinton’s Race: Did She Match the Presidential Prototype? By Amber Gaffney & Danielle Blaylock

We Did It Our Way: Motivations, Satisfactions, and Accomplishments of Senior Academic Women By Eugenia Proctor Gerdes

Graduate Student Perceptions of College of Education Culture and Climate By Cynthia Pemberton, Beverly Ray, Hamdan Said, Deb Easterly, & Chris Belcher

Unmasking the Sociocultural Constraints to Career Growth of Married Women in Ghanaian Organizations By Mohammed-Aminu Sanda & Jocelyn Sackey

Differential Participation of Graduate Men and Women in Two Scientific Communities of Practice By Maria Ferreira

Gender Issues in K-12 Educational Leadership By Jafeth E. Sanchez & Bill Thornton

Female Bodies: Gender Inequalities, Vulnerability, HIV and AIDS in Kenya By Waithera Sesay

Gender Equality for Learning Leadership in Undergraduate Business Schools By Sabra Brock

The Role of Balance in Women’s Leadership Self-Identity By Robbie Palmer Hertneky

Black Feminism: An Epistemological Framework for Exploring How Race and Gender Impact Black Women’s Leadership Development By Dionne Rosser-Mims

Learning about the Human Aspect of the Scientific Enterprise By Erin Peters Burton


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